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Jewelry Insurance in Portland OR & Wilsonville OR

When it comes to jewelry, an object is much more than a possession. In the case of, say, a necklace gifted to you by a loved one or an heirloom ring that has been passed down for generations, these items hold great emotional weight—not to mention significant material value. This is why it's vital to make sure your jewelry is properly protected in case things go wrong.

Modern Insurance Marketing, Inc. offers jewelry insurance to clients in Portland, Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, West Linn and surrounding areas, making sure that your coveted items are covered.

What is Jewelry Insurance?

Jewelry insurance is a policy specifically designed to insure your prized pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches and more. Jewelry insurance covers against the following circumstances:

  • Damage (Your necklace accidentally snaps and needs significant repair)
  • Loss and disappearance (Your wedding ring vanishes without a trace despite all your best efforts to find it)
  • Theft (Your house is broken into and your high-end watch is stolen)

Jewelry insurance is separate from warranties offered by jewelers when items are sold. Also, keep in mind that while these policies are comprehensive, there are certain exclusions to coverage, including everyday wear and tear, pest damage, and loss or damage due to war or civil authority confiscation.

Do I Need Jewelry Insurance?

If you have an expensive item that you cannot afford to lose, it's worth strongly considering. Jewelry insurance is available for a tiny fraction of the cost of your precious goods.

If you have jewelry that you don't believe needs its own policy, such items can often be added as endorsements to existing home or renter's insurance policies. The problem lies in home and renter's insurance policies setting restrictions on the value of items. If an item is especially important or worth a lot of money, these policies cover a limited amount of risks and also have low coverage limits.

Portland, OR's Agency for Jewelry Insurance

Typically, you do not need a professional appraisal or documentation in order to buy a jewelry insurance policy. In certain cases, jewelry insurance policies can cover worldwide travel or offer discounted premiums for storing your jewelry in a bank vault. It’s important to speak to an agent at Modern Insurance Marketing, Inc. to understand what jewelry insurance options are available for you.

Losing a valuable piece without any recourse can be catastrophic. Contact us for a free jewelry insurance quote today to make sure your valuables are protected.

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